Vice Chancellor of KU Expresses Concern About The Institution's Professor Shortage

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Kenyatta University's Vice Chancellor, Paul Wainaina, has expressed concern about the institution's lack of professors, claiming that it may have an impact on the quality of future education and research.

He stated that the University has not had a full professor to replace those who retire or leave for other reasons for the past four years, citing the Department of Education's four full and two associate professors.

Prof. Wanaina stated that the majority of the university's remaining professors will retire in the coming years, putting the university at a crossroads in terms of educational quality and research.

He stated that the education industry may appear to be in a dark period because the mainstay of quality education is evidence-based knowledge brought by professors.

The Don urged lecturers to advance their studies by conducting more research and achieving professorial status in order to save the departments' futures and the country's educational quality.

He was speaking as one of the lecturers, Dr. Rubai Mandela, launched his book, Before Two Become One, at a Ruiru hotel.

He stated that the university would assist those in the field of research in obtaining those high education accolades in order to ensure the production of qualified scholars who will uphold the university in the future.

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