Why Poor Electrification Systems, May Make New "Ante Dede Bus" A Potential Death Trap


Why The Open Top Ante Dede Is A Potential Death Trap As It Passes Under The Naked Over Head Electric Cables In Our Street And Villages

As part of its campaign to promote tourism, the Ghana Tourism Authority has deployed two buses to serve the need of tourism.

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The campaign is under the sponsorships of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, the Ghana Tourism Authority and the Ghana Tourism Federation.

It’s very funny. I wonder if they actually thought about the dangers involved before bringing these double deck open top buses.

Though these buses are very beautiful and I would have wished the buses would be bought in numbers and distributed across all the tourist sites in Ghana.

But considering our cities and rural  areas and how the electrification system is done, I guess normal open top buses would have done it all.

The type of buses now deployed into this country may have its advantages with which may include good view or clear glimpse at national parks but I am highly alarmed at its disadvantages.

Earlier on we suggested that the government should implement underground electric cables because the overhead cables were not insulated and could be dangerous for high decked buses or tracks.

Most of our tourist sites are in the smaller cities (rural area) and its electrification are wired across and alongside roads with high tension overhead electric cables.

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Though some cables may be in a good condition and raised high, my fear is those saggy electric cables which has been mounted across our road and has expanded in the course of time and heat.

The Ghana High Way Commission should as a matter of fact consider this matter and draw out appropriate rout for these buses or solve this with emergency.

Otherwise I would not know how these double decked open top buses will be crossing these saggy cables across our street.

For now, I guess there should be a guard hired along with a rubber or wooden rod in which he may be occasionally lifting these high tension cables in case it poses any danger for passengers on board.

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