Maria Actress Stuns Netizens, After Sharing A Video Toasting On A Rat


Prominent Maria Actress Stephens Wanjiku popularly known as Vanessa has shocked netizens, after sharing a video of herself eating on a rat.

The Gorgeous actress was on a vacation in west Africa, Ghana, as she went ahead to share on the weird things she ate while on the trip.

The sassy queen of drama shared a photo of herself toasting on the delicacy, along with a caption which reads "Strange things I ate on my trip to Ghana."

She went on to direct her fans to access the full video of her feast, through the link she provided.

Netizens were quick to call on her questioning her audacity to consume such kind of delicacies, but this could not deter her in her mission to have a bite on rat's s meat.

Vanessa used to to star in the now-finished Citizen's Television Maria episode where she use to take the role of Vanessa Hausa, and the sister to Victor and Luwi.