Open Letter To All Nigerians Living In London As Massive Protest Against Buhari Will Start Tomorrow


I want to write an open letter to all Nigerians living in the United kingdom on the reason why they shouldn't join the massive protest organised by Sowore, one of the most influential human right activist in Nigeria.

Sowore recently made it known to the general public (in a tweet) that the planned protest against the Nigerian president which is scheduled to take place In London will start from tomorrow.

Dear Nigerians living in the United Kingdom, I want to appeal to all of you not to go there where this protest is scheduled to take place.

The reason why I am advising you to not to attend these planned protest is because joining the protest cannot reduce the reputation of Nigeria as a great nation. We all know that the international community are watching and they know that Nigeria is one of the greatest countries in Africa. Joining the protest can make some of them to look down on our country.

For this reason, I want all of you to show your kindness and patriotism towards Nigeria by calmly avoiding the planned protest against our president.

Note that the image above ☝️ is used for illustrative purpose only.

May God continue to protect the president of Nigeria, may God bless the federal republic of Nigeria. May Buhari Succeed. Ameen