Amira Calls Herself Supermom As She Manages To Prepare Breakfast For Kids After Arriving Home at 2am

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Kenyan business woman, Amira have shared a post on her Instagram platform referring herself as a supermom. This came after the mother of two arrived home from Turkey at 2a.m and managed to prepare breakfast for her kids. Amira who has been on the limelight since her ex husband stated dating Amber, asked her online fans to call her a supermom.

According to a post shared on Instagram, Amira gave a breakdown on how she spent her time. The business woman had earlier travelled to Turkey for business trip. As seen on her page, Amira landed in Kenya at 2a.m today. The mother of two made a few phone calls after arriving then started preparing breakfast from 4:30am. By 5:50am her two kids went to school.

The digital influencer stated that she now needs to rest as she has done a lot. After all these Amira referred to herself as a supermom. Here is the full post.

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