How Matching Outfits Can Affect Your Event

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We love to use different colors and styles of matching outfits to express our love and solidarity for an event, a person, or group of friends. However, this can come to hurt some people, including the organizer of the event, in a way they never expected.

The tradition of putting on matching outfits at different events has been around for so many years now.

When you attend events like weddings, traditional marriages, and birthdays, you will see distant relatives and other people unrelated by blood wearing matching outfits, and this could lead to conflict and unequal treatment of all the invited guests.

Matching outfits made with either Ankara, lace, satin or lace fabric are very beautiful and admirable to behold, to some people, it makes them feel bad and rejected.

How do I mean?

Although the major function of the matching outfits is closely tied to the idea of identification, uniformity, solidarity, and social bonding, most visitors who are not able to afford these uniform outfits might experience some embarrassing moments such as being left out in the distribution of food or gift items, withdrawal, and complete removal from general group participation and if the guests are not happy, it might ruin the event and the organizers won't be happy.

The purchase and wearing of matching outfits serves as a basis of social differentiation at ceremonies, and most often, those who cannot wear these matching outfits actually stay away from most of the events they are invited to, just to avoid being hurt or feeling embarrassed. However, the organizers of the event might have fewer people in attendance, and this might ruin their plans.

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