Chris Wamalwa, JSC Should Have Interviewed These 3 Candidates Instead Of Wasting Their Valuable Time


Kiminini Member of Parliament Chris Wamalwa has come up with a stirring suggestion that Judicial Service Commission should have just done their interviews on 3 serious candidates.

Chris Wamalwa said this while on the Daybreak show on Citizen Television. He says that JSC Should not have allocated their much time on other candidates besides Justice William Ouko, Senior counsel Fred Ngatia and Martha Koome.

His reasons are that , the other seven candidates were not serious enough in terms of responding to serious questions revolving the judiciary, others were answering as if they haven't watched fellow candidates Interviews.

He further says that the three impressed him and had the qualities of a true chief justice, furthermore they had enough experience on various legal issues and generally good principles.

For instance there are qualities Chris Wamalwa categorised for an effective chief justice. He said that a good chief justice has to possess these; he has to ensure independence of the judiciary and at the same time interdependent on diplomatic affairs, one with good negotiation skills and an overall leader.

Maoka Maore happened to agree with Wamalwa on this turn of events.

Wamalwa's comments come at a time JSC have been stopped by a High Court from coming up with a suitable name to replace the chief justice. However, the commission has gone to Court of Appeal to seek for continuous of the process and finally coming up with a name.

The Commission shall forward the suitable candidate name to parliament where it will be vetted upon which it shall be delivered to President for approval and appointment.


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