How To Handle Disappointment In Relationship And Marriages

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There is no perfect relationship in this world, which is why nobody should throw away what he or she values. If you are kicked out of a relationship or marriage, it means you were never valued.

Do not plan to win yourself back into such a place. Sometimes what we see to be our biggest pain shows us more of our miracles. God's intervention can hurt. Even Lot in the Holy Bible left Sodom with nothing. Does it look like a Miracle?

When you are dropped in your relationship or marriage, do not fight back into the ring forcing yourself on someone who does not value you.

It's Just like when you agreed to buy a Rag, you will never wear it nor use it for a good purpose;

The Same happens to you when you struggle too hard for someone to create a space for you In his or her life after he or she has rejected you.

Nobody will create the gate to throw away what he values. If someone has thrown you away, God is announcing to you that you have been at the wrong place.

Rise up and move on!! What you wanted In that person is not anywhere to be found. Maybe someone else has it. And that true person will show up one day.

Give your life the chance to meet the right person. Sometimes you overstay at the wrong place while praying to God to make someone who does not value you love you. God cannot join you in your ignorance. Move towards the direction of the people that really have prayed to meet you.

What people do not know is that disappointments are not a tragedy. Your future is better than your pains, so why not focus on your future now.

Do not let someone's weakness become the prison you live inside. If someone has failed you, do not break yourself. Take it as a challenge and move on. Do not fail yourself.

There are always 10 persons better than that person you want to die for, or that you meet every day.

Every day gives you the opportunity to meet the right and better person but sometimes we are stocked with people who do not deserve us.

Marriage or Relationship is not a do-or-die affair. Do not stay in an abusive relationship or Marriage. Instead of taking your life, take a leave.

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