No More Use of Dormitories for Grade Six Candidates Moving to Lower Secondary

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There has been a concern among parents of Grade Six Candidates as to how their young lithe children will share Dormitories with the big old form fours of the 8-4-4 system. The parents are worried that this may not only lead to their children acquiring some unwanted characters but that it may also lead to physical harm.

TSC Boss Nancy Macharia however gave parents a glimpse of hope. She said that the Ministry will now give more attention to the CBC kids than the old and seasoned 8-4-4 secondary students who are mature and are able to take care of themselves.

On the same note CS Magoha further assured parents that the CBC kids joining Lower Secondary School will all be day schoolers. This has now relieved parents of the fears they had about the harsh secondary school environment for their very young Grade Six pupils.

Earlier on CS Magoha directed all school heads to ensure that the registration of Grade Six Candidates ends by 14th May 2022 bearing in mind that this date will not be extended.

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