I Placed Chamber Pot In My Fridge, Removed It To Serve My Pastor - Widow Recounts Her Sad Moments.


A widow who is part of Akumaa Mama Zimbi's Widows Alliance Foundation has recounted her sad moments after she lost her husband to the icy hands of death.

" I was neglected, i was rejected.. My husband's family maltreated me and tried chasing me out of my own home. This gave me sleepless nights. I was thinking a lot. NY blood pressure rose so high above normal level. " She cried while saying.

" There was a time I picked a chamber pot into my deep freezer when I was picking a cup instead. I never realized I had put it in the freezer. My pastor paid me a visit that evening. As I humbly went to serve him water from the fridge, I picked the chamber pot to serve him. When I realised that I had picked a chamber pot instead of a cup, I broke down in tears as my pastor advised and consoled me " She narrated on Ghone TV.

She was on Gone TV talking about the plight of widows in Ghana and solicited for support for them when families rise against them.

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