Instead of using cotton buds, see the thing you can use to clean your ears without any harm


Our ear is one of the most sensitive part of our body and should be taken proper care of because if it is damaged you can't hear with it and that makes you very much uncomfortable as a human being. Many people would prefer using some hard, sharp objects which is not even advisable. Then with this tip, many people stopped using hard objects in their ears but diverted to the use of cotton buds which they think is a good way to clean their ears.

But many medics and Otolaryngologist have made it clear to us that cotton bud is also not advisable to be used to clean our ears. Because the cotton there is too small and not enough to handle the pressure from the hard object it is being attached to. And not only that, based on the quality of things produced now the cotton they add is now light and can fall into your ear when you start using it, this alone can make your ear totally damaged.

So that is why i have decided to write this article so that you can know about the effects of cleaning your ears with cotton buds and the best ever thing you can use to clean your ears, but before that, please click on the follow button above so you won't miss any update from us.

Your ear contains a wax which is dirt, this wax can block your ears if not cleaned properly and the only way people clean it is cotton buds which i have condemned in this article. So this is how you can now clean your ears without using cotton buds, just bring an Olive Oil not any other oil but olive oil because other oil is so heavy to be contained in a human ear. So when you are about to sleep, just drop a little amount of the olive oil in your two ears, sleep over the night with the oil inside your ear, why you have to leave the oil in your ear is that the oil will melt all the wax in your ear and bring it out to your outer ear, then tomorrow morning you will have to take your bath, use your sponge and soap to wash your ears properly, use your little finger to wash also the inner part of the ear.

But the oil won't clear in your ear by just a day, it will be in your ear for at least two days. So anytime you bath, you have to wash off the wax being brought out by the oil. After this, your ear will be clear from all dirts and blockages.

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