Otile Brown Sends Sweat Message To Nabi Few Moments After Breaking Up, We Both Agreed To Part Ways

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Otile Brown finally comes clean few moment after the break up allegation with almost 5 years girlfriend Nabi. The RnB music star said they both decided to part ways as they thought it was for the best. The Musician is now officially single as this sounds aweful to some single ladies this is actually a good news.[photo| Courtesy]

Otile confirmed he is single again,speaking to the press the musician wished all the best his ex girlfriend saying he wishes her all the best in her next life. He added how she has good heart and on top of all she is a good person.[photo| Courtesy]

Otile wished Nabi all the best in her future life. The last time the two were together they were figuring out the way forward and the right direction for their love but seems they never got the right direction. The two mature ex lovers really managed each other to survive all the way.[photo| Courtesy]


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