I returned to Nigeria few days to our wedding only to find out my fiancée has a baby for another man

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A Nigerian living abroad screamed in pain as she returned to Nigeria to meet her fiancé with a baby for another man.

According to the man, their wedding is scheduled for that December, although the date has not yet been determined.

Unfortunately, when she returned to training, she found that she had a four-month-old baby for another man.

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How many people are still faithful in their current relationship or marriage?

In all my years of experience on this earth, I have never seen this species happen to me.

There was a young woman I met a few years ago before I went overseas, we got engaged although I visit her every three years and spend 6 months with her before I return.

The last time I got home, I noticed strange movements in him, but I always pretended not to suspect him of cheating.

When I went back overseas everything was going well, we talked, talked and all that, but at some point he started acting weird, which he had never done before.

Even when I texted him it took him a long time to reply but I thought maybe he was under stress as a student at school.

Two years ago we both planned and agreed to make an appointment for our wedding next Christmas, but sadly when I returned home a few months ago I discovered that she was living with another man.

When he heard that I was back he stopped taking my calls and refused to see me, I tried every means to meet him, but he refused to tell his family members where he had been for almost a year found.

After doing thorough research, I discovered that she had a four month old baby for another man she was currently living with, so she refused to see me because she was embarrassed.

I have to give all the gifts I bought for him to the neighbors. I can't believe my eyes.

What is really happening in our society today? Is money the problem or what? Why are people no longer loyal to their relationships? "

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