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The Ankara itself arouses a considerable measure of styles and chips away at different skin tones of unique body shapes, it’s all down to how imaginative the planner gets with the texture.

Ankara Styles are perfect for each lady’s craving as it improves the normal figure thanks to the option of being able to custom make it. You needn’t bother with making a decent attempt to look great on them as they are the most easy going outfits ever. When you wear them you are sure to look chic, impressive, exemplary and fantastic. It’s about time that you have this in your closet if you haven’t gotten any yet.

I know you would all agree with me that social media especially Instagram is one of the best places to find the latest fashion trend. When it comes to Ankara fashion, there is no other place for you to see Nigerian women with the best Ankara styles than on Instagram on daily basis. Interestingly, on Instagram, you come across people you don’t know but love their fashion styles, which exactly how I came across our Ankara style crush today.

This week, we take a look into entrepreneur and Instagram queen, Opeyemi Abitoye’s Ankara game. This beautiful lady is a stunner who knows just how to style her Ankara fabric to get the best out of them. Her love for shift dresses and really colourful bold Ankara prints has got us loving her style. Without much story, scroll down to see her best looks…

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