[+VIDEO]: Slay Queens Won’t Let Us Go To Heaven.” Ghanaians React To Twerking Video Of Slay Queen.

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Today, thanks to social media we are all living in an online world. However, Slay queens seem to be more prominent on social media and keep doing the most to draw attention to themselves. We see them trending online for various reasons. Just recently, a video of Ghanaian female musician popularly known as Wendy Shay went viral and received massive reactions from Ghanaians and netizens. In the video, Wendy Shay was spotted twerking and displaying her waist dance prowess in front of the camera as she danced to one of her newly released song known as “Break Your Waist.”

This has become a new challenge for Ghanaian slay queens out there and they are also actively showing their twerking skills on social media. A video of another slay queen has surfaced on social and has caught the attention on netizens. In the video, this slay queen shared a twerking video of herself online to challenge Wendy Shay. This slay queen was seen twerking her massive backside in front of the camera as she danced to Wendy Shay’s “Break Your Waist” song.

Ghanaians and netizens are thrilled by how this slay queen flaunts her heavy backside and has got them wondering if they can even focus on going to heaven with them looking at all these stunning twerking videos.

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