"Wanasema Nimekuwa Kufuliza Pesa Za County." Vocal Governor in Hot Soup Over Fraud, Defends Self


President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto came into power in 2012. There first term was less of wrangles but corruption was in the rise. Counties stole public money which saw section of governers impeached in county assembly's only to be saved with senate.

President Uhuru Kenyatta second term has been full of wrangles. The ended 2017 elections saw president Uhuru Kenyatta go for handshake to unite the country. The two leaders came with the BBI report and promised Kenyans that the BBI will fight corruption.

Governor Lonyangapuo is in hot soup as he Risks impeachment. In the latest developments, the video posted by Nation Africa, Governor Lonyangapuo has defended himself from corruption. He has said that those accusing him over abusing County funds are his enemies. According to the Governor those stating he is corrupt are people who want to loot from the county but he is preventing them.

Video link:https://twitter.com/NationAfrica/status/1402649004761141258?s=09

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