Unapenda Kupiga Picha Kwa Gari Za Wenyewe, Checkout How Zari Replied To a Fan Who Told Her This

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Zari Hassan has raised eyebrows on different social media platforms for the another time. This is after she made this response to a fan who told her that she is pausing on other people's cars.

According to the comment that a fan made on Zari's post. The fan was accusing Zari of taking photos on other people's cars, something that has left questions among netizens online. Here is the comment:

Now this comment of a fan accusing Zari of taking photos on other people's cars has gone viral online where by, Zari herself made a response!

Remember, Zari is one of the most successful ladies in East African region currently, if not the whole of African continent. Here is Zari's response:

Anyway do you agree with this fan saying that Zari is pausing on other people's cars!? Make me know through the comments section below. Share your opinion as you share this news to your friends. Thanks for reading my content and have a nice day!

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