Check out some photos of Transgender Bobisky before transformation

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Today, in this article, I will be sharing with you some photos of popular Nigerian Celebrity Bobisky before she transformed into a woman.

Bobisky known in private life as Idris Okuneye is known to be a popular Nigerian social media personality. She was first known as a man before she completely transformed into a beautiful lady.

The crossdresser and self- acclaimed male Barbie, Idris Okuneye aka Bobrisky always turn heads on social media with stunning Photos of herself in her lady state of which she looks very beautiful than most people born ladies. Her heavy makeup is one that is Irresistible.

Bobrisky had claimed several occasions that he has undergone reconstructive surgery to become a woman and a detailed look into his recent photos proves that she is indeed a lady. The controversial bleaching expert made it known that he had done breast implants and he flaunts them in most of the photos he shares on social media. She has also gone for surgery to take off his manhood. she is now a lady

But as the saying goes, " a decorated monkey is still a monkey" . Although he has his own reasons for transforming from a man to a woman, the Nigerian transgender was very handsome and his dark skin colour was just on point.

I guess you are ever ready to see some before Photos of popular Nigerian social media personality Bobisky.

Below shows when he was a man

He was really very handsome though he was not rich as now

Below shows when he began dressing like a lady

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