Bafana and SAFA received a letter from FIFA– ‘You did not pay on time

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This week, FIFA sent an SURPRISE letter to Bafana Bafana and SAFA — the situation has reached a boiling point after weeks of silence!


"The Ghana Football Association stated that no written protest was provided to the match commissioner, that the protest was not made in a timely way, and that no protest money had been paid," according to the statement.

FIFA's letter verified that "proof of payment given by Safa" indicated that "the protest fee looked to have been paid on November 19."

It had been five days since the match. According to FIFA, it was due much sooner.

The protest cost must be paid "when the protest is registered" (art. 46 (3) FDC), or "within 24 hours of the end of the match in question" (art. 46 (1) FDC), according to the letter.

"In light of the foregoing, the committee noted that, because the protest money had not been paid on time, the third (cumulative) procedural criteria for a protest to be admissible had also not been met," the committee wrote.

According to the letter, SAFA only paid the money five days after filing a protest, which rendered their case inadmissible.

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