Mali Safi | Meet The Cute Sisters Of These Female Celebrities

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Most celebrities occasionally keep their relatives off limelight due to the numerous demerits that comes with it. However, some have shown them at one point or another. With are female celebrities who have some of the beautiful sisters in town.

1. Diana Marua

The YouTube content creator and wife to celebrated artist Bahati is blessed with two gorgeous sisters. The damsels by the name Varl and Mich both work as professional make up artists. They are very close to each other and support one another in their businesses. The triplets possess eye catching beauty and always clad to kill.

2. Yvette Obura

She is the baby mama to Wanani hit maker Bahati has her elder sister for a best friend. The gorgeous damsel named Alicia is graced with a killer body shape just like her sister. They are inseparable and always post photos together clad in fashionable matching outfits.

3. Betty Kyalo

This award winning artist has managed to Garner a huge fan base due to both her skills and cuteness especially the killer smile. Her family seems to be home to gorgeous ladies going by the beauty of her sisters Gloria and Mercy. Gloria is aged 20 being their last born child while Mercy is the eldest.

4. Size 8 reborn

The talented gospel artist was born and raised by a pastor father which seems to have affected her siblings careers. Just like the artist, her younger sister Mary Munyali is also in the entertainment industry being a deejay by the stage name DJ 7. She rose to limelight after her messy break up with famous Instagram model and dancer Ezra.

5. Selly Amutabi

The radio host had kept most of her siblings out of the public eye until some few days ago when she posted her upon being admitted to the bar as an advocate. Selly' s sister Betty Amutabi is a paragon of beauty just as her sister with a cute fair skin tone and killer petite body shape. Who do you think has the cutest sister? Please send in your comments as you like share and follow this channel for more interesting articles. Remember to follow the health guidelines and be vaccinated so as to return to normalcy.

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