Video: Several Africans Arrested In Dubai Over Fraud


It is quite alarming the number of African youth that have currently devoted their times to scamming people most especially the white.

It is of no doubt this whole issue of "Yahoo boys" scamming people and doing away with their huge sums of money could be traced back to Nigeria is it's root since it emanated from there.

In a video trending online, you would see quite a number of youth supposed to be Nigerians finally caught in Dubai for scamming a number of people.

It is a sad thing most of today's youth are interested in means to make money fast, "quick money" which in the end does not go well for a greater number of them.

The youth must learn to earn money genuinely out of hard-work so they don't have to body keeping themselves in hiding for fear of being caught by the security agency.

Please click on the link below to watch the video