Insider Leaks Details on How DP, Uhuru Could be Working Secretly to Form Pre-Coalition Before 2022

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To Kenyans, it is clear that President Uhuru Kenyatta supports Raila Odinga for the presidency in 2022.But to political commentators , the succession politics can shift in an instant and Uhuru might even favor DP Ruto for the presidency in 2022.

And now, an MP who wishes to remain anonymous, claims that there are preparations to bring President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP Ruto together through a pre-election pact, as was done in 2013.

According to the source, if DP Ruto wins the president next year, President Uhuru Kenyatta will have a part in naming certain cabinet secretaries, similar to how the President gave DP a chance to name some cabinet secretaries in 2022.

According to the source, DP Ruto agreed with President Uhuru in 2017 that the DP would not have any say in the appointment of cabinet secretaries.

It further stated that plans to bring DP Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta together had begun and will alter the country's political landscape.

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