Let's Go Dairy, Benefits Of Ice Cream And Other Dairy Products For Your Body And Immune System

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Believe it or not ice cream is very healthy for you. I know that a lot of personal trainers and health people have said that ice cream is bad for you and causes you to gain weight. The truth is that ice cream is actually good for you, you only gain weight because of the other foods that you eat combined with the vitamins that you receive from ice cream. Ice cream is a dairy product meaning that it contains a lot of calcium and amino acids that are essential to the development. of your body. Calcium strengthens and whitens the teeth while also strengthening your body and helping fight of illnesses and diseases. Believe it or not calcium helps to strengthen your immune system. If you look on the food table, you will notice that dairy products also fall on the healthy food side of the table. There are other ingredients that you find in ice cream that are harmful, but there is also a lot of dairy to balance it out. Calcium is especially essential for the little growing babies, if you want your child to have perfect white teeth, then you are going to have to buy him a lot of dairy products. If you go to any public hospital you will find a poster telling you about how important milk and airy products are for your health. Youghurt is also an up point in building your child's immune system because it has other added minerals and nutrients that can help with the strengthening of your immune system and bones.They serve milk every morning at a public hospital, either in powder form or in liquid form,this is because milk is good for you.I just wanted to break the stereotype that ice cream is bad for your health, if you eat too much of it, that's when it becomes bad for your health. Too much of anything is bad for you. Let's Health Ourselves.

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