Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Said " Racism Won't End If We Wash White Clothes First " Causing A Stir

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Controversial Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the ECG church in Malawi has an interesting and humorous take on racism. Race prejudice, according to the cleric, will exist as long as people continue to prefer white goods. Many of those who replied to his video on Instagram thought it amusing, while others agreed with him in part.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, the founder and head pastor of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church, has made a contentious submission on racism.

The cleric is convinced that racism will not be easily eradicated. He claims that if individuals continue to wash white items first before the others, the epidemic will persist.

In the automobile business, Pastor Bushiri likewise hung his explanation on black tyres for white cars. He continued.

Bushiri also questioned the use of the term "blacklisted" instead of "whitelisted" to ostracize someone. Both his white and black comrades laughed as he said all of this.

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