School Fires Pop Up Days After Opening

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Schools across the country were reopened late April for the 2022 academic calendar, that seems much compressed. This is in order to recover time lost when all learning institutions were closed to cub the spread of Corona virus. However, just few days after reopening schools, cases of school Fires have pop again.

This comes after two dormitories were burnt down in Semeta primary school last evening in Kisii. It was not clearly established the cause of the fire. This leaves the school in jeopardy, as they have no place to house young citizens who have come to search for knowledge.

The vice of school Fires was at it's highest peak last year, where several secondary schools registered arson cases, including the famous schools like Kakamega and Chavakali. It is a vice that was condemned intensely by education stakeholders, including the cabinet secretary of education Prof. George Magoha. But seems the cases are back again. What could be the major cause? Share your views in comment box.

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