Kenyans Left Talking as Form 1 Student Adds Viagra To Staffroom Tea

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Murumbe Secondary school teachers in Embu County have been subjected to medical arrest in the school's classrooms after a form one student allegedly added viagra to staff room tea. 

According to reports, the student identified as Jenifer Ndwiga added viagra to the teachers' tea following her punishment on Thursday afternoon. 

A manhunt for her has been launched after she disappeared from the school.

Below are some of the reactions by kenyans;

@faith Why put adults on medical arrest instead of releasing them to visit their partners

@langat The only updates we need is the reaction of Viagra on teachers bodies. Back to you in Studio

@dan I wish i can meet this student..those are great minds that we need in this country. You punish all of them regardless of age,gender and status..this shows there is still more to come from great minds.

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