Tangatanga MP Asks Uhuru Tough Questions Over What Happened to Leaders From DP Ruto’s Backyard


A number of Deputy President William Ruto’s allies are not happy with President Uhuru Kenyatta after how Ruto’s backyard has been treated.

Soy MP Caleb Kositany said leaders from Rift Valley, Ruto’s backyard, have been targeted and most of them have lost their positions in the government.

Kositany said this has happened in the second term of the Jubilee administration after Uhuru’s fallout with DP Ruto.

Kositany remarks come after reports that President Uhuru is set to tour Ruto’s Rift Valley home turf in July as the news has attracted different reactions from DP’s camp.

The lawmaker welcomed President Uhuru to visit the region adding that they will not bring up personal issues but will focus on what the region needs from the Jubilee government.

Kositany according to Nation said President Uhuru should explain why leaders from the region lost their positions in unclear circumstances as he added that the Jubilee administration has also abandoned the region.

He claimed that development projects in Rift Valley region have stalled in the second term of his administration.

“The President is most welcome in the region. We voted for him. One of the issues we want him to address is the persecution of people from the Rift Valley who held positions in government and have been hounded out of office in very suspicious circumstances. We also expect him to talk about the prices of maize and milk. We will not bring up personal issues but only what affects the people,” said Kositany.

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