Meet the man who wears a suit and sells cola nut in traffic light for a living


When life gets tough , as hardworking as Africans are we result to menial jobs for our survival hence the story of 24 year old Zubaidu Suleiman who has branded the petty cola nut business in his country.

He wears a nearly ironed suit as he stands on the hot sun in the traffic of the busy roads to sell his cola nut to motorist and pedestrians in order to earn a living to take care of his father and brother back at the village.

Suleiman in an interview with BBC pidgin explained that he left his village to the city in search of greener pastures and a comfortable life to help support his family back at the village but with increasing unemployment rate in his country he therefore ventured into the cola nut business.

In order to attract more buyers to patronize his cola nut he decided to dress formally to sell the cola nut in such a way that passerby will be attracted to his decency and tempted to buy his cola nut whenever he appears to sell them in the busy traffic light.

Suleiman explained that while in the village, he was a cattle herder and had a few cows he herded with his junior brother but life became unbearable for them. He explained that the cola nut business has been profitable since he started it a few years ago and has been able to send money to his family back at the village to buy more cows and for their upkeep.

He wishes to get married next year and hopes that the cola nut business continues to thrive for him to be able to marry his long time girlfriend back at the village.

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