South Africans are calling themselves Foreigners at Job interviews on their land, according to Lux

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No day goes by without the leader of Operation Dudula Nhlanhla Lux picking a fight or complaining about illegal immigrants and how they are being given first preference in the workplace in South Africa. Today, many foreign nationals live in fear because of these allegations that they are stealing jobs that were supposed to be occupied by South African citizens.

According to a status on Facebook written by Nhlanhla Lux, South Africans are calling themselves foreigners at job interviews on their land because no one wants to hire them. What wrong have we done? Do you expect Operation Dudula to be quiet? Nhlanhla inquired.


I believe Nhlanhla and his friends can find a way to accommodate both the citizens and the foreign nationals without inciting conflicts between the people. Until he comes up with a solution, I think he should post less on his social media accounts because his posts might lead to other xenophobic attacks, which is something the country does not want since we already have a lot on our plate.

Below are some of the thoughts from the people on Facebook.

That's the problem of growing up not knowing your biological parents. That anger follows you everywhere you go. You need a psychologist before you lose your mind. We are loved everywhere we go because we are peace-loving people. You are not in South Africa, so if you hate Zimbabweans, don't think everyone hates them. Which world are you talking about that you know?

I remember when I went to a certain company here in Witbank for a driving job, the owner made it clear to me that he was employing Zimbabweans. Operation Dudula: those Ethiopians who have taken over the n, who exploit the workers; no sick leave allowed; low wages.

Lux. Check the number of likes and comments on your posts. They are going down daily. and now only foreigners are commenting. "The South Africans are busy building back rooms to rent out whilst you are posting from Sandton or wherever without productively helping them," added a Facebook user.

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