Politics:Nhlanhla Lux is Not Informed About Immigrants Say's EFF Member See Here

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This guy is emotional and not informed about realistic about immigrants.

Listen to him @eNCA https://t.co/S0Z82OcbJn.

The economic freedom fighters is one of the political party that I want to see African becoming one. This will be a solution for many problems that we face in our daily lives.

One of the proposed idea that the economic freedom fighters is proposing is that Africa must use one currency which will be be one of them strongest currency in the world which will deliver people out of poverty.

Africans cannot continue to suffer even do they have minerals those minerals mass benefits the African people because at the end of the day that the one who suffered the waste materials that are produced when digging those gold and other minerals.

What people are saying is that nhlanhla lux must find someone who will educate him about the wealth that Africa has and be able to make him see that if African become one.

and have one common bank which will be used throughout Africa as a state bank and the profit that bank will make uesd to build schools, hospitals and other national institutions.

Because we cannot continue to fight as Africans and fighting for material things that has less value or no value at all is disappointing to see other countries prospering together and us as Africans continue to fight each other it has to stop.



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