Get Money Spend Money; Extravagant and Flashy Life of Four Missing Friends Exposed


The flashy and extravagant lifestyle of the four friends who went without a trace a few days ago has finally been made public. The four who were in the motor lending business have become a major cause of concern after they disappeared close to a week now.

An extract from Daily Nation

Friends to the four have come out to explain the flashy life that the four lived. Their motto according to one of them was ‘Get Money Spend Money. It is alleged that they imported cars worth millions into the country and they seemed to be flourishing in all aspects.

Two of the missing fellows were under the radar of the police for different crimes that were committed years back. According to Nation Newspaper, the four splashed money in every event they went to and were known to be ‘Spoilers’ who never shied away from spending the huge sums of money they acquired. They are still missing till today and police are still looking for a breakthrough to ascertain their whereabouts.


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