Edgar Obare's Message To Fans As He Makes A Comeback To Instagram With New Page

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Kenyan controversial blogger Edgar Obare is back on Instagram, hours after his bnnke account was deactivated . 

According to the blogger, his page was deactivated for allegedly running an exposé that was considered to be against Instagram rules and regulations

On his Twitter page, he informed his fans of the new page that he intends to use to continue serving them the tea.

This is the second time in months that Edgar is losing his account after running an exposé. Last year, after running the famous 'wash wash money syndicate', he lost his page on claims he violated the rules.

Interestingly, one of Edgar Obare's online critics, singer Krg the Don whose name was also mentioned in the saga, has taken to his Instagram page to celebrate Edgar's loss.

He insinuated that he was behind Edgar's predicament by posting, “I told you that bnnke was going to be blocked,, but you thought I was joking. Who is laughing now!” 

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