The Meaning of 'hp' on Laptops

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Some words may leave you thinking they don't have meanings but they actually do. You need to go deep and get to the roots. Staying informed is the goal of everyone. Information is power as people say. Don't remind behind. You have the right to stay informed and be updated on whatever is going on around you. This is the actual meaning of the letters 'hp' in each and every electronic yiu see around.

The letters on the logo 'hp' have meanings. The small 'h' stands for Hewlett and the 'p' stands for Packward. So 'hp' stands foe Hewlett-Packard which is a United States company that is providing IT services, consultations and addressing matters regarding hardware and software.

HP as a company existed until 2015 where it split up to form two major entities which is the HP Inc and HP enterprise. HP enterprise is commonly known as the HPE. HP company has directed its interest on computers, PC and printers while the HPE majors on enterprise products market and services.

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