What At All Does Obinim Want To Become? Take A Critical Look At What He Did Today


The Founder of International God's Way Church, Angel Bishop Daniel Obinim is known for several unusual news but this is off the chart on his record of causing stir in public. Two main issues are going to be addressed in this article about what he did today at the funeral of one of his church members; Mrs. Akosua Proba Boateng.

His conduct would make you wonder or question what he is becoming lately. To begin with, Obinim's chrich is known to be a charismatic church and as such his outfit had been just casual with a few ocassions having him dress a little but official.

But at the funeral, Obinim made this 'attention seeking' entry dressed like a Catholic priest. He had the zucchetto on his scalp and walked majestically with his bodyguards as he greeted the crowd while walking to his seat.

Does his dress code suggest of he blending the Catholic mode of worship into his or he's just putting on a fashion taste to his collection?

Well that is not all. After walking a short distance from his car to his designated seat, he pulled his legs out for one his boys to clean his shoes of the dust. It took me by utmost misbelief how Bishop Obinim is carrying himself up as a 'lord' at this funeral.

Truth be told, some Ghanaians are making these men of God like a mini-god. It's as though Obinim is being worshipped.

It's time some common sense is drummed into our minds just as Avraham Ben Moshe has crusaded.

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