'My Sister Caused Me Great Pain And She Will Learn it From This Interview' Lady Painfully Narrates


Joey Karimi was raised in a family of three as the last born child. She always admired and dreamt of becoming a doctor.

Unfortunately, she didn’t do well in her KCSE and couldn’t join the University. Her sister suggested that she should go to a family friend’s home, who would mentor her into her dream career. One evening, her dad called her and instructed her to pack her bags.

Joey totally refused to leave her home, but her father and sister forced her. Their family friends drove into their compound at 4 o’clock and took her with them. Sadly, Madam karimi was turned into a house girl in the new house. She didn’t even have time to meet with the said doctor.

The last born son to the family started harassing and mistreating her. His mum would silently watch.

“One evening as I was in the bathroom, I heard some people in my room. I put off the shower and listen but couldn’t hear anyone in the room,” she said.

When she left the bathroom, she found the young man waiting for her. He defiled her as two other men watched.

The following day, Joey demanded to go back to her place. She cried a river and the woman of the house agreed to take her back to her parents home. She didn’t disclose the whole incident to anyone, not even her sister. She lived with the pain and frustration for several years.

Several years down the line, she meet with the love of her life and they got married. Her love helped her in the healing process.

During the interview, she encouraged the young generation to always talk about the sad incident that they went through, to avoid falling into depression.

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