Chaos Erupt At Juja Tallying Center, Ndindi Nyoro Thrown Out As Governor Nyoro Lashes Insults


As the preliminary results indicated that Moses's candidate that's George Koimburi who was running on the People's Empowerment Party (PEP) in the Juja Constituency by-election was leading, concerns started arising tonight on May 18th over how things were unfolding.

These concerns went on as vote counting progressed at the Mang'u High School tallying and at 10PM, some observes clashed over the matter as they blamed each other over possible vote rigging.

At that time, the Kiambu Governor James Nyoro had travelled to the tallying center to inquire about the tallying procedure and found himself in the middle of the chaos as well.

Things escalated pretty quickly and within a few seconds, the enraged Governor was throwing insults and some unprintables at the person who had provoked him. He was even heard saying that "I am ready to die for democracy" as captured in a video of the link below.

In the aftermath of those chaos, Hon Ndindi Nyoro found himself in hot soup as well and was eventually thrown out of the premises as captured in the video below.

As this was happening, Moses Kuria who was also inside the Tallying centre was calmly and silently seated and was watching everything from a distance.