Mathematics Topics to Expect in BECE 2021


In this article, we are going to list some of the key mathematics areas or topics to expect in BECE 2021.

BECE is the examination that students from the JHS write to give them qualification to enter into the SHS.

BECE as Basic Education Certificate Examination, without this certificate, student cannot from the Junior High School get enrolled into the Senior High School.

Mathematics is one of the core subjects offered in every basic school in Ghana. And it is one of the subjects that students mostly find it difficult to make good grades.

In this article, we will list some topics that are most likely and key to be part of the examination to be set in mathematics. These topics include:

·        Relations

·        Percentages

·        Linear Equations and Inequalities

·        Geometric Constructions

·        Algebraic Expressions

·        Area and Volume

·        Enlargements and Similarities

·        Handling data and Probability

·        Application of Sets (Venn Diagrams and Problems under it)

·        Rigid motion

·        Vectors

·        Sets

·        Quadrilaterals

·        Ratio and Proportion

·        Relation and Mapping

·        Rates

·        Statistics and Probability

·        Integers

·        Properties of Polygons

·        Investigations with Numbers


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