Why is it so difficult to move on after a break up?


A break up is one of the most painful experience especially when you loved someone wholeheartedly.

Moving on is even harder because you still crave for your partner and here is why:-

Just like a drug, love is an addiction. When you are with someone, they become a part of you. When you suddenly stop talking to them and spending time with them, you will automatically feel like something is missing. This is out of yourur control and that makes it more difficult to move on with your life.

You can't move on if you have not accepted that the relationship has ended. Infact the first step of moving on is accepting that you guys are no longer something. Otherwise you will keep having hopes of your ex coming back crawling asking you to get back with them and there's no way you will heal with such a mindset. Learn how to accept and let go.

Many people often blame themselves for what happened. You sit wallowing in sorrow wishing you could turn back time and do something differently so your relationship doesn't end how it did. You should know that is impossible and what happened can't be reversed. Blaming you won't change anything.

Egocentric people are the most difficult to move on if their partner broke up with them. They feel like that can't happen to them and that it was wrong. Leaving them is wounding their ego and they would do anything to get back with their ex just to satisfy themselves. Beware of such people, they can be toxic.

The fear of rejection has made many people go back to their exes since they don't want to be rejected. A break up makes them feel like they are not enough and that damages their esteem. Such people can't move on since they are trying so hard to be accepted by their exes even though everyone can't support you or like you.

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