7 Signs That You Could Be Having The Gift Of Prophecy


Prophecy is one of the most powerful gifts given to man by the God. It is among the gifts of the holyspirit.

A prophet in others words is a seer and is able to tell events and things that are bound to happen in the future long before those things happen.

The reason why the gift is one of the most important gifts is because it is needed so much and many people are always curious to know their future and what is bound to happen in the future and so a prophet is someone so important. Again some of the most powerful men in the Bible are prophets including Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and many others. Jesus too was a prophet but more than a prophet since He was the son of God.

When God called Jeremiah, He told him that he knew him before he was born and had appointed him a prophet to the nations. So there is a possibility that God can ordain a person to be a prophet many years before they are born. How does one know then that they have a prophetic gifting in them? If you are affected by these things, then it is a sign you are a prophet by calling.

1. Strong gut feeling

Are you the type of person that has a strong gut feeling and most of the time you trust the feeling? You could probably feel something wrong is about to happen. You could even be doing something but you are suddenly overcome by a feeling that something is about to happen and the thing happens. This is a clear sign that God wants to use you as a prophet.

2. Frequent dreams

Dreaming is very common and most if not all people will always dream. Do you dream of things and they come to pass until you wonder how that happens? It is Good who gives dreams to men. If you are a frequent dreamer make sure you always write the exact dreams down and pray incase it is something bad that is bound to happen. Also developed the habit of reading the bible and you will have a clear way of interpreting this dreams very well.

3. Desire holiness

Romans 12 Tells us not to conform to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of our mind. Are you living by God's standards of holiness and that is the greatest desire of your heart. You like doing the will of God and everytime you find yourself in situations that will make you want to compromise you try your best not to sin against God.

4. Love for God.

You can give up anything for God and even some people around you feel like you are too religious in a way. Your love for God makes you to always desire to developed a close relationship with God.

5. You are an intercessor

Is you love praying for others and have a burden for those that are not born again. You also have a burden to pray for the nation and leaders everytime you pray. Prophets act as intermediaries between God and man and the fact that you also do that could mean that you have a prophetic calling.

6. You pray for long hours

Are you the type of person that loves spending long hours in the prescense of God. You don't get satisfied praying for a short time and you can spend hours and hours just praying. If you look at prophets of both the old and New Testament, they had the same habit of praying for long hours.

7. Strong desire to prophesy

Do you have a strong desire to walk in the prophetic anointing. Whenever you see other men of God prophecy you get a strong desire to be able to do the same. That is a sign that God wants you to walk in the same annoiniting. It is God who gives the desire and so it means it can work for you of you continue to walk in God's ways.

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