Man narrowly escapes drowning in the middle of a street after flash floods in Kumasi. Photos.


A youngman in his late thirties nearly lost his life after stepping into a huge water filled hole after floods in Kumasi. The youngman wearing a blue cap and spotting a blackshirt over black trousers may have been killed if the hole were any deeper.

Due to the high waters after flooding in Kumasi, most gutters ,storm drains, potholes, manholes etc were submerged. It was one of these, this youngman walked into unknowingly and had the water come up his midriff but quickly undertook a survival maneuver that ensured he came out the water filled hole with only a few scratches to his lower limbs.

His phone and wallet however were completely soaked and may have to find a replacement especially for the mobile phone.

The recent heavy downpour in the Ashanti region has led to floods submerging a large part of the capital, Kumasi, and leaving in it's wake damage to properties worth several millions of cedis and the loss of several human lives.


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