Meet Kenyan Celebrities Who You Probably Didn't Know Are Twins

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They say getting a child is a blessing and children are gifts from Almighty God.However, when they come double double, the parents have to count their blessings twice.In Kenya there are celebrities that are twins who you may know and some you might not know.Here are some of the celebrities that are twins or have a twin.

Eddie and Paul Ndichu

They are identical twins who can clearly confuse anyone who has never come across them. Eddie Ndichu is the husband to TV sensational personality Janet Mbugua while Paul Ndichu is the baby daddy to the twins he had with media personality Grace Msalame, currently Paul Ndichu married a lady by Evaline Momanyi.

Janet Mbugua and Timothy Mbugua

They may not be identical twins but television queen and former news anchor Janet Mbugua has a handsome twin brother, Timothy Mbugua who is not that much in the limelight like she is.

Jamila and Wanjiru Mbugua

Wanjiru Mbugua

Jamila Mbugua

 They are identical twin sisters who can confuse people easily and both twins are television personalities. Jamila Mbugua and Wanjiru Mbugua at one point hosted a TV show together that aired at K24.

Grace Msalame’s twin daughters

Media personality Grace Msalame has beautiful identical twin daughters, Zawadi and Raha, that she had with her Ex-husband Paul Ndichu who has a twin brother.

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