Oxalis Corniculata: An Edible Wild Weed

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Oxalis corniculata is a wild weed that's edible and can be taken as either raw or boiled.This vegetable growing is in the species name called herbaceous plant in the family Oxalidaceae. It resembles the common yellow woodsorrel.The leaves are edible, with a tangy taste of lemons. A drink can be made by infusing the leaves in hot water for about 10 minutes, sweetening and then chilling. The entire plant is rich in vitamin C and calcium which helps on the strengthening of bones in the body. The vitamin content in the plant makes it nutritious due to its natural minerals and salts. You can cook it with my indigenous vegetables and pumpkin or potatoes while preparing food

It is also a good herb and can be used to treat scurvy, digestion issues,snake and spider bites.This plant grows in areas with cool and wet climatic conditions. The following are the pictures of this amazing beautiful plant.

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