Big Reception Of Azimio La Umoja In Ruiru Town Kiambu Today

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Azimio la umoja party are finalizing their campaigns for today in Ruiru where many of Azimio la umoja supporters attended the rally. Each of them get a chance of sharing their speech to the residents of Ruiru.

Joho Hassan was given a chance to speak and he give more praises to their party leader Raila Odinga that he is not after any Government benefit but he wants to bring changes to people. He went on saying that Raila Odinga has not even a day think of taking governments properties like other leaders.

Many of Azimio la umoja leaders the Key things they beg Ruiru residents is support on the August election. They still give more explains about their manifestos and most one is about Baba care which they will introduce in order to help those who are needy.

Charity Ngilu a top supporter of Baba said that Azimio la umoja will fix the economy to normal where everyone can achieve what they need if they win the August Election.

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