Dear Men, Here Best Ways On How To Take Care Of Pregnant Woman


Many times men cares for pregnant lady like she is handicapped and offer to help all the time and every time. As for the spouses, there is too much confusion regarding to dos and don'ts and the thin line between caring and overbearing often gets blurred. Here are some tips that might sail you through caring of pregnant woman.

Be the snack carrier.

The spouse is the official snack carrier. Bear in mind if your partner craves sugar or salt, remember carrying a snack pack with you everywhere. If she asked for food, it means she wants it and it is your job to provide, else faces serious consequences. How to treat a pregnant woman is about listening out for her belly rumbling because she will not wait.

Love her even when she is irrational.

You need to make her feel loved always, no matter how irrational she is. You must not highlight any forgotten errands. Remember, she forgot because,you the spouse, failed to remind her. She is carrying your child and so she has the trump card. The care and treatment of a woman during pregnancy is all about letting her have upper hand without fighting.

Manage your your intimacy feelings.

You must learn how to control your body feelings since a pregnant woman will not be in position to cater for all your body feelings. You have to wait till the right time to express your feelings probably after she has given birth and fully recovered.

In essence, no complaining around a pregnant woman ever is the basic mantra. Whether caring for your pregnant wife or dealing with a pregnant acquiatance, know your bondaries. She is carrying enough weight on her mind and a few other places and therefore her problems are always bigger than yours.