"Men Will Always Be Men; What Is He Looking At?" - Reactions As This Picture Pop Up Online


Ghana has recently been ranked the second most porn watched country in the world after Nigeria. This clearly shows that most people in the country like watching pictures or movies which sexually arouse their interest in the opposite sex.

Looking at the picture below, two female referees with huge backside has been captured on a football pitch. A man on the pitch could not control himself after coming across these curvaceous ladies. Checking the picture very well it appears their beads were even showing in their short nikas. But the question is, what was this man looking for at the pitch of play?

There seems to be a temporary hold-up in the match when this picture was taken. Obviously, this is not the fault of the ladies because this is the prescribed uniform from the Federation of International Football (FIFA) to all female referees. It would have been best for female referees to wear skirts on their nikas but because of smartness and running on the pitch, they are made to wear nikas only.

Some Ghanaians after coming across this picture said that "Men will always be men. What was this man looking at?". Checking the facial expression of this man, he was intentionally looking at the buttocks of these ladies. The ladies were not even aware.

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