What Happened To Police Officers Who Arrived At Wang'uru Stadium Without Uniform For Mashujaa Day

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More details have continued commited up following the Mashujaa Day fete which happened yesterday at Wang'uru Stadium. Entering the stadium was under strict conditions as few people were allowed. This happened as those who attended were required to have the invitation cards in order for them to enter the stadium.

However, it has been revealed that a major drama was witnessed at Gate 6 entry to the stadium. It all started when police officers arrived without uniforms, dressed in plain clothes. They were denied a chance to enter the stadium by the Recce Squad which was in charge of the gates to keep the place safe.

The two officers who were stopped from entering were in the campany of another uniformed fellow officer. They tried to show their job cards however, their request to enter the stadium hit deaf ears as the Recce Squad could not allow them to enter the place.

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