KNEC Should Come Out Clear On Examiners Payment


The Kenya National Examination Council contracted many teachers to supervise, invigilate and mark the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education,unfortunately the examination body has been reluctant to pay the contracted teachers promptly.

After conducting the exams and releasing the results, the examination body has made it a practice that it has to be pressed inorder to pay the teachers. This year has been the worst for teachers who were contracted. The examination body has only paid the supervisors and invigilators after being pushed by the teachers and their union leaders. Several meetings have been held with the examination body but have yielded to nothing for those who marked the examination.

The teachers cry have reached the parliamentary committee on education which sought information about the progress made by the council on the payments of contracted teachers. Though the queries about the payment is yet to be responded to, perhaps it's the sentiments of a certain anonymous KNEC official who said that the body has paid all the contracted professionals.

He indicated that as the examiners departed from the marking centres,every coin they worked for had been paid. This may be true for the KCPE examiners but for KCSE , the examiners just received an advance payment of ten thousands shillings. It's therefore incumbent on the KNEC to pay the examiners otherwise next might be a difficult year for the examination body as teachers plan to abscond the exercise.


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