Five (5) Clear Terrible Signs That Shows God Is Punishing You

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God punishes those He considers His children in the same way our birth parents would if we did something wrong. 


 "My son, do not take the Lord's discipline lightly, and do not tire yourself when he resumes it," says Hebrews 12:67. For the Lord disciplines him whom he loves, and every child whom he welcomes is chastened. ' You must endure for discipline. You are treated like children of God. What father has a son who is not disciplined by his father? "


 God does not punish you for despising you. Instead, all He wants to do is correct your mistakes and help you improve your character. Keep in mind that you are the son of a holy king. 


 You can determine if you are being punished by God by looking at the symptoms below. 


 1. Your sins have been revealed. 




 God is love and justice at the same time. Therefore, no matter how much he loves you, he will not endure your sins. He will chastise you in various ways, one of which is by exposing your mistakes. It may cost you your relationships with others or other important property, but justice must be served. 


 Have you ever tried to hide an error only to find it at the end? Rather than blaming God for the mess, you need to humble yourself and accept responsibility?. It can be difficult but praise the Lord because you are no longer a prisoner of your past. At the very least, the truth absolves you of your guilt. 


 2. You suffer because of your actions. 


 Another indicator that God is disciplining you is that you are held responsible for your conduct. I repeat: God is just. He is merciful and sympathetic, but He also ensures that justice is carried out. As a result, even if you repent of your actions, you cannot avoid the repercussions of your errors. 


 Even if you have already asked for forgiveness, do not be upset if God allows you to suffer for your sins. It's not as though God is a tyrant he is, however, a God of order, and sins are not tolerated by Him. Take, for example, David. He was “a man after the heart of God”, but he was punished by God when he committed adultery and murder. God, on the other hand, did not forsake David. 


 3. You are obsessed with a feeling of guilt. 


 Do you feel guilty about a mistake you made? Guilt is one of the most unpleasant sensations a person can experience. It can make you feel insignificant and embarrassed. A also, too much guilt will make you realize that being the victim of pain is better than being the source of it. 


 Guilt is one of God's methods of punishment. You may not be aware of its visible existence, but it is eating away at you from within. It will remain so until you make amends and have been forgiven by those you have offended. It may sound harsh, but it is the price of justice. 


 4. Your actions have turned against you. 


 Another indicator of God's wrath is when the harm you have caused others comes back to haunt you. AnA alternatively, if you get caught participating in illicit business transactions, you will surely lose your job. 


 Of course, it's the result of sin and God will have to allow you to experience it. However, if you regret your actions completely, God will help you get back on your feet. It can take a long time, but you can recover from your loss if you choose to do the right thing this time around. 


 5. You are humiliated. 



 The purpose of God's punishment is to humble and transform you. Pride is the source of many sins, and the Lord does not want His children to succumb to it. As a result, do not be surprised if you discipline when you fight pride. God wanted me to think about your misdeeds.

Type Amen and receive the grace of God.

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