Skeem Saam: Kwaito cannot believe that Meikie has found her replacement in court

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Someone is getting sentenced on behalf of Meikie


Sources: Skeem Saam Twitter page

Meikie and her family has already put the plan into place about who is going to serve time on her behalf. Kwaito is definitely not happy for seeing another woman in court instead of Meikie.

Kwaito cannot believe when slhe sees what the Maputlas are actually capable of. Will the court see what Kwaito is seeing. What is going to happen to the real Meikie, will she go back to her old house or moving away. This means that all the work that they have done it was for nothing because the real Meikie is not being sentenced.

The Seakamelas should have dropped the charges to save themselves from an embarrassment. All of their testimonials have gone to waste. Will Meikie get away with what she has done, will they convince the court that she has a twin?

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