They Hit Me And Locked Me In A Cupboard: Painful Last Words Of A 12 Year-Old Murdered Boy

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A twelve year old boy has meet his untimely death after he was severely and brutally bullied in school by torturing him for food leading to his death. 

His mother has bitterly written this unbearable ordeal that led to the untimely death of his only son. 

When Chidalu came back home from school after his first term, he was a different version of himself, he became reserved and picked on an attitude of an extrovert.

He springs to that place of fright anytime he heard the slightest of sound.

Chidalu left for school when school resumed without hinting to his parents what has been her woes in school.

His parents received call of an unfortunate happening on Chidalu in school, and they immediately rushed the school only to see their son in a horrible condition, with swollen body and bruised lips.

He was then to a hospital there Chidalu revealed that they constantly hit him and locked him inside a cupboard for two days. He, Chidalu muttered to me silently when it was just and his dad in the ward.

The late young boy gave out a name as Fayrouz who forcefully attacks him and then beat him for provisions and other items.

Suddenly Chidalu began jerking with foams coming out of his mouth,his eyes began turning white.

Late Chidalu's mother drew his cold corpse to her chest, kissed him and whispered that she's sorry for not listening to his son, for not pushing further to know what it was that made him grow cold.

The mother also promised to fight for Chidalu to bring these wicked persons to book without fear, not favor.

She concluded that his son shouldn't rest till he avenges his sadly early death.

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